Riichiro Shinozaki - 篠崎理一郎

An artist from Kagoshima, Shinozaki creates highly intricate quirky artwork.

The way of the pen

Shinozaki was born 1989 in Kagoshima, where he doodled his way through school, partly because he liked drawing, partly because it helped him organise his thoughts.

As a university student, Shinozaki started out drawing oil paintings, usually depicting reality around him. While composing the layout for one of his paintings with a rough outline on paper, he noticed that he liked the jagged lines and shifted his style from oil painting to mainly black and white minutely detailed illustrations.
Later down the line, his art evolved to include different media into mixed media masterpieces.

His intricate line drawings often depict parts of Japanese scenery, which he then turns into a fantasy world that invites the spectator in. But you may well encounter Godzilla or a lost samurai here or there, so be careful.

Despite his background in mathmatics, you can find way more letters & words in his artwork than numbers. But several people have pointed out that Shinozaki's drawings look somewhat scientific and he attributes it to his studies.